Phase 1 - Contact and Partner

Contact us for a FREE consultation. After some quick due diligence and we determine your property is a right fit, we will offer a partnership.

Phase 2 - Fix The Property

Once the partnership is established, we take it from there. We hire all the contractors, designers, and real estate agents to complete the project.

Phase 3 - List and Sell

Once the property is ready for market we will list and sell the property for top market value. After the property sells we split the profits! It's that easy!

Changing the House Flipping Model

On a daily-basis there are folks all across the United States that find themselves in a situation where they are in possession of a property that they:

  • Didn’t expect
  • Can’t afford
  • No longer want
  • Don’t have the time or money to invest into

In many cases, these people are not real estate professionals, and don’t have the proper training or time to make the most out of the position. This situation is commonly taken advantage of by either an investor, bank, or even a family member resulting in the rightful owner not receiving the most for their asset.

Until now, the house flipping model ran by investors was based on a simple idea: buy the property for the least amount possible, fix it up, then sell it. The issue with this situation is that the previous owner usually loses in the deal.

We dared to ask. What if there is a better way? 

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