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Farron has been in the real estate industry for close to 20 years. He purchased his first house at the age of 19. At the time he was going to college for Computer Science. After he graduated he realized that IT was not the field for him and decided to move to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, he started buying more property and has never looked back.

How It All Came About:
An introduction from our founder and CEO

One day I was driving through a affluent area of Los Angeles County and I noticed a house for sale that was what you would call a “fixer-upper”. From my experience in the real estate market I immediately saw an opportunity if I bought that house, fixed it up, and then sold it, I would make a profit. Although, another thought crossed my mind at the same time. Why doesn’t the current homeowner fix it up and make that profit?

As I drove on, this question sat with me in the back of my mind as I came up with circumstances on why they didn’t do it themselves. This ate at me to the point I had to find out. I went back to the house, took the white paper and called the real estate agent to discover the situation. To my surprise it was a simple and seemingly common one. I discovered the homeowner had passed away and their out-of-state heirs had inherited the property and were busy with their own lives to deal with it. They hired a local real estate agent out of the yellow pages and requested to just sell it “for whatever they could get.”

In this situation I knew it would be easy to invest and flip, although, I still thought about all of the other reasons that a house would have to be sold under market value. These other circumstances and possible hardships weighed on me.  The idea of creating a company that helps property owners of all different circumstances and upgrade their home and sell for a fair market value was starting to form. From this the FLS partnership and the company was born.

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