We understand that our program is a new concept. There will inherently be questions. We've listed some of the most common asked questions here and if there is anything you would like to know that this does not cover please use our contact page, call, or e-mail us!

If the project does not make a profit do not worry. Understandably there could be a loss due to the need to pay the contractors. Although, you will not be responsible for the loss. As you will read in our contract, we will take the risk over the set amount that we agree upon at the start of our partnership.
After we partner, we recommend that you sit back and let us handle most of the project. A large part of the great benefit of working with us is to take the stress off your back.
As in any investment opportunity, there is never a guarantee of profit. Although, like we mentioned we and our funding will be taking the majority of any losses.
During the first phase of the project there is not cost to the homeowner. The goal is for FLS to acquire investment for the full remodel as well so that the homeowner would be responsible for the bare minimum.
Each remodel process would be a case by case basis. If the remodel is so extensive that you would have to move out, the goal would be able to provide you with temporary lodging to expedite the process.
If you would like to keep the house after the renovation, this is totally doable. All we would need to do discuss the investment and calculate the compensation for the contractors and the design.
From the start of the process your input will be part of the design. Although, keep in mind that most of the renovations that would be made, are going to be to add value to the house by professionals experienced in this industry. Try to keep an open mind if you are not completely on board with the process.
We usually shoot for a start to end process of 90 days.
Every contractor, designer, or agent will have all of their licenses and insurance.
The starting split percentage is 40/60 of a net profit after sale. 40% for Fix, List, Split and Investors 60% for Property Partner.
On some projects this may happen due to unforeseen circumstances. If this happens we will do our best to mitigate the loss from the extra time to the best of our ability.