Phase 1: Contact & Partner

  • Initial Contact
  • Receive Pictures / In-house Comp Research
  • Set Consultation
  • Qualify (In-house Inspection / Appraisal)
  • Official Inspection /¬†Appraisal
  • Create Remodel Bid
  • Sign Partnership Agreement

Phase 2: Fix the Property

  • Hire All Professionals
  • Set Remodel Timeline
  • Pull Permits if Necessary
  • Complete Remodel

Phase 3: List and Sell

  • Stage Property if Necessary
  • Hold Photo Shoot
  • Set Agreed Upon Price
  • List and Show Property
  • Close Sale
  • Pay Outstanding Debts
  • Split the Remaining Profits
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No Obligation Through Phase 1

Through phase 1 of the process we do not charge anything up front to the property owner. Once we enter into a partnership, we consider the property owner to be part of the team for that project. If for any reason either party decides to break from the partnership after the start of phase 2 adjusted costs until that point will need to be addressed.

In phase 1, If we have passed the paid home inspection / appraisal point and the property owner decides to no longer move forward with our company we will own the home inspection / appraisal. This could then be purchased at that time for their benefit.

Trust: Keep It Simple and Leave It To Us

At times property owners may not always agree on some of the modifications that we decide to make to the house to increase the appeal and property value. Emotion plays a role in property ownership and we understand this concept well. We ask that you trust us in the process.

Keep in mind, we have spent years studying and working with top designers and real estate professionals to determine the most common and cost-effective upgrades.

This is why when a property owner partners with FLS, they can be certain that the end result will be something they can be proud of. And when we do our job right, they walk away with more money and less stress.

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Designed for Success by Hiring the Best

We have partnered over the years with many different professionals in the real estate industry to make sure that our clients properties are in the best of hands. Many of our contractors are award-winning and have reputations as the best in area. Due to the amount of business we do with our professionals, we are able to negotiate rates that rival the least expensive on the market.

In new markets we strive to work with professionals that have been recommended or vetted through multiple sources. We make sure that each professional understands the mission of this company. We try to provide everyone with the chance to benefit from a successful deal. Every partnership contracted by this company is designed from the start to be a win-win!

Phase 1 is FREE!!

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